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Roadside Assistance

Accident Tow, Breakdown Towing,
Flat Tyre and Battery Assistance, Battery
Jump Start

Qualified Technicians

Qualified Electricians, Plumbers,
Handyman and with any Home emergency

Emergency Assist

We CAN help with any emergency with Home, Medical assist and Roadside assist across the country

Vehicle License Renewal

No Surprises, Pay Monthly for your vehicle licence disc.
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Free Last Will & Testament

Because you are a CAN Member, we offer you a Last Will & Testament at NO COST. The most important document you’ll ever sign. An opportunity to decide who inherits what in your estate. Our WILLS are custom drafted by our specialist Consultants to cater to all your unique testamentary needs.

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Save the Mobile App that could save your life.

The preferred emergency mobile application That offers a unique emergency solution where all types of home, medical and road related incidents are one click away.

Get assistance in a blink for
  • Accident
  • Breakdown
  • Tyres and Batteries
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Battery Jump Start
  • SOS and more

Live Location Tracking

Live Location Tracking to locate your vehicle for an immediate response

Distress Call

Sends out a distress call to immediately contact your loved ones and emergency services

Immediate Access to Emergency Services

Get access to our emergency services with one click

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