Massive Discounts from Bridgestone and Firestone on tyres

 At any Supa quick outlets nationwide

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As a loyal Can Infinity member you will receive 42% discount from Bridgestone SA dealer listing prices on all Bridgestone & Firestone tyres at any Supa quick outlets nationwide.

Should you replace your damaged tyre with a Bridgestone or Firestone tyre through Can Infinity at our
selected Supa Quick branches you will receive the following benefits from Bridgestone SA


  • All Bridgestone and firestone tyres are covered against manufacturing defects for a full 5 years You will also receive a 1 year
  • Tyre Damage Guarantee for tyres affected by road damage such as cuts, bruises, impacts or irreparable punchers caused by bad road conditions, potholes, rocks, curbs or broken glass from Bridgestone SA on selected Bridgestone & Firestone tyres.
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More Benefits with CAN

  • 20% discount from dealer listing price on Willard, Sabat & Supapower batteries
  • 50% on Monroe Shocks
  • 45% on Bosal (exhaust systems) front & middle boxes
  • 50% on Bosal (exhaust system) rear boxes at any Supa
    Quick outlet.

Other Warranties

  • Supapower batteries – 18 month manufactures warranty
  • Willard & Sabat batteries – 25 months manufactures warranty
  • Monroe shocks 3 – 5 years warranty; dependable on the product
  • Bosal Aluminized exhaust- 24 months manufactures warranty
  • Bosal Aluminized Mil exhaust – 18 months manufactures warranty
  • Bosal Stainless Steel Universal exhaust – 5 years manufactures warranty
  • Bosal Stainless Steel exhaust – 5 years manufactures warranty

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