CAN Infinity's loyalty program

Refer a friend and get R 100.00 discount on your next battery or tyre purchase. Your friend who join also get R 100.00 of his next purchase. For every friend you add you get R 100.00, therefore if you refer 5 friends you get R500.00 discount your next tyre or battery purchase at Supaquick through CANinfinity’s loyalty program.

Best of all – After a year claim free you can recieve the following benefits:

  • You’ll recieve 20% discount on your next tyre or battery purchase
  • The following year you’ll recieve another 20% discount (40% total) and continues for each year thereafter.
  • After 5 years you get a battery or tyre for free.
  • You can reduce this period by referring a friend who takes a product with us.
  • You’ll recieve a R100.00 voucher and a 20% discount

Your Details

Referred Person's Details

Improve Your Chances To Get The Deal

Talk to the person before you refer him/her. Tell him/her about CAN infinity assistance benefits and why it is important to become a member of CAN infinity.

It is also important that you provide only the information of people you can convince to join. If somebody does not join, unfortunately, you do not qualify for a loyalty bonus.

The more referrals, the better your chance to get more discounts. Participation is unlimited, but Duplicate referrals are not taken into consideration.

Read the terms and conditions of the loyalty programĀ Click here

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