My testimonial

by Chantell

I was 37 weeks pregnant I still had 18 days left before our baby would have born .On the 10/11/2020 I did not feel well I assumed that it was my blood pressure was too high as struggled with my blood pressure for a couple of days and different symptoms was happening to my body that I did not understand as this is my 3rd child at the age of 41 everyone told me that it was normal and that I’m experience Braxton-Hicks and that I should just take it easy.

On Wednesday the 11/11/2020 I got my son dressed for school, walk up to the office as we all work from but still was not feeling as well as should . We had a managing meeting on Zoom like every morning at around 8h30 I felt a little bit wet I then went to change my clothes as I stay on the premises as well , I changed and still said to myself if I’m not feeling better at 12 I will go and lay down for an hour or so. At around 10h30 I starting getting cramps and informed my fiancé to please get everything at shops as per my list that we still needed as I’m getting cramps and I’m not feeling well. He phoned me and asked me if he must come and fetch me to go to the midwife as we planned a water birth with Blissful Births and I told him that we must wait as its still under control.

At around 12 o clock it started getting worse and I started struggling at 12h45 the midwife said we must come in order for them to check me at that time and stage the contractions were on each other and I could not even try to sit down or even walk at one stage I was trying to brake down walls as I was trying to control the contractions eventually I had to go to the bathroom and I saw the blood as wiped myself and that’s when I realised our bay boy is coming.

At exactly 1 o clock I tried to walk back to My desk from the bathroom and then I had push as my body told me to do so the next moment I realised that he’s head was nearly out I had to go back to the bathroom quickly as I knew our boy is being born now. I started screaming for help and ask them to call CANinfinty in order to assist to get ER24 here right away

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