How to Rise Above the Tow-Truck Predators

by Liam

Most of us have experienced the bitter taste that the tow-truck community leaves in your mouth (But even if you haven’t, you should read this article because it’s a very bitter taste, indeed.) 

Using the term “predators” when describing accident tow-truck drivers is quite apt and nothing we haven’t heard of before. Very often, some tow-truck operators arrive on the scene of an accident, exploit the driver’s disorientated state, and manipulate the situation for their profit. This essentially gives “accident towing” it’s bad reputation: a service that is rather one of the most crucial services we occasionally require in our modern-day, road-filled life.

It’s especially hard for individuals that do not have insurance and aren’t clued in on who the “trustworthy guys” are — This was according to a reader on a social media platform:

The reader was charged an obscene amount of money to be towed less than 15km from an accident scene on a normal weekday afternoon. They were not in a financially strong position but were pressured into making a hasty, expensive decision in their frightened state.

And because the reader was not insured, they were liable to pay the full amount to the towing company.

Accident towing should be treated as a delicate procedure considering the driver’s frail state of mind. This should also (preferably) not cost an arm and a leg.

But at the end of the day, prevention is the best cure and preparing for a crisis before it happens keeps the worst at bay. Even though many operators might arrive at the accident scene, it is still your decision on who should assist in the recovery of your vehicle. The National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 stipulates in Section 61(3) that ‘…no person shall remove a vehicle involved in an accident, except to sufficiently allow the passage of traffic, without the permission of the owner, driver or operator of such vehicle or a person who may lawfully take possession of such vehicle

You may also be wondering how the police fit into all of this: When may the police decide not to release a vehicle to a towing company or the family of someone in a road crash and when would they release such a vehicle? 

(Source: Clarity on when the Police may tow or release a vehicle from the scene of a road crash by Arrive Alive)

So, what do I do?

Well, in a case like this your options are pretty limited. 

So, preparation is key. Possession of your car might be used by the tower as collateral for the payment and the situation can become quite unpleasant.

As shameless as this self-promotion may be, we have beautifully developed plans for towing and roadside assistance. These products were created in mind of the different types of modern consumers and have been adapted accordingly.

By selecting one of these plans you not only ensure your safety at the scene of an accident but more importantly gain the assurance that your car will be taken care of at a reasonable rate.

Many of the tow truck operators out there — supposed “angel wings” — very often than not turn out to be vultures and only bring you financial and general hassle.

Call our emergency assistance hotline from the accident scene on 011 801 0000 for assistance, and we’ll assist with proper, trustworthy operators.

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