Getting to the Root of Road Accidents

by Liam

Tragedy doesn’t always cross our minds. The last thing you think about as you step into your car is that an accident will happen. We’ve all had a few close calls, a hit and miss here and there, but the truth is that a life changing car crash could happen to anyone at any time.

And the thing about life changing events is that they have a tendency of showing up when you’d least expect it. An accident could leave you wondering, “why me?”

It cannot be over-emphasised how careful you should be on South African roads. People generally drive recklessly and while you can’t necessarily control the behaviour of other drivers, you can be proactive through your own actions.

Here are a few of the most common, “all-around-us” reasons accidents happen:

  1. Alcohol
    One must never be under the influence when driving. It begins with acknowledging that whilst driving you’re not only responsible for your own life, but the lives of others — either on board with you — or those around your vehicle’s vicinity. Alcohol prevents the driver from making rational decisions, it can inhibit their focus and hinder their sight. Alcohol and driving simply do not go together. Keep on the sober side if you plan on driving, and if you are intoxicated make an alternative plan to get home safe and keep other drivers out of harm’s way.
  2. Speeding
    Speeding is one of the leading causes of death and serious car accidents on the road. Speed limits are supposedly being revised by government but should always be respected by road users. The severity of a crash increases on impact and so the chance of fatality increases. Your reaction time is limited whilst speeding and it is much easier for you to lose control of the vehicle if obstacles appear on the road. Stick to the speed limits and decrease the chances of fatal road accidents.
  3. Losing Concentration
    Although this is not always intentional and can easily happen, losing your concentration for even a second on the road can end in tragedy. Emotional well-being plays a big role in staying safe on the roads. When one is stressed or emotional, it’s more difficult to be alert of what is happening around you. Being tired on the road is also not a good idea, as this detracts from your overall focus. It is better to stay away from driving when one is chronically ill, blind, pregnant or anything threatening.
  4. Road maintenance
    Another factor to consider is that South African roads are not very well maintained. Some of the roads are left in dangerous conditions and potholes the size of craters threaten the safety of drivers nationwide. Pothole damage is a leading cause of rim and tyre damage and could even result in one requiring towing services. Road works or faulty traffic robots are another instance where drivers must be vigilant to prevent accidents. All drivers must ensure that both vehicle lights are always in working order at night and to adhere to the speed limit.
  5. Weather Conditions
    As rainy weather picks up, so does a city’s traffic jams. One must not ignore the fact that the risk driving poses to your safety increases when roads as wet. Roads become slippery, and often the weather decreases visibility. One must remain even more so cautious during bad weather. Beyond that, it’s worth mentioning that brake and tyre maintenance becomes more so important if you anticipate bad weather while travelling.
  6. Pedestrians
    Pedestrians, whether sober or intoxicated, have been the cause of a lot of havoc on the roads. People may not be properly educated of the dangers of the road and instead behave recklessly around busy roads or highways. For some tips, check out this video from Arrive Alive:

(Top Tips and Advice on Pedestrian Safety #ArriveAlive by Arrive Alive)

As we said in the beginning of this article: Tragedy doesn’t always cross our minds. It really is true that the last thing you expect if you step into your car is that an accident will happen. But it’s so important to think about the causes of road accidents so that one can prepare accordingly.

But if you ever do find yourself in a road accident, or any other emergency for that matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our company (0118010000).

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