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What is our PayNow Services?

This is a service we provide for getting help immediately. Anything from being stuck next to the road or in need of a plumber. We have numerous service providers that can guarantee a stable rate so that you wont have to pay an arm or a leg to find the assist you need.

How does your packages work?

Our monthly subscription packages will help you in that sudden and unfortunate event of something going wrong. This will ensure that you wouldn’t have to take out loans or favours from friends and family when that emergency hits. With this subscription you can put your mind at ease and let us take care of your emergency. These packages also include our loyalty program that provides you with exclusive benefits from CAN

How long does it take for my membership to start?

We have a few options for you as the client to choose from:

  • You can wait for your first debit order to go off and then the membership will take affect
  • You can pay the ProRata amount to receive immediate membership benefits
  • There is also an annual payment you can make to receive an extra month free of charge and membership will be in immediate affect
  • Or we have a subscription billing available on our website for immediate assistance

Is your App Free to Download?

Yes, our 24EA app is free to download on any of the below popular stores:

Play store iStore App Gallery

You will also have access to all our emergency services hotlines as well as our PayNow services and benefits #WeCANHelp

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