Have you been in
a motor accident?
No Insurance or
imited cover?

Excel Recovery Services can HELP you!!!

ERS – Excel Recovery Services, your specialist in Third-Party recovery claims.

Making use of ERS’ services hold many direct and indirect benefits for you or your clients:
  • We negotiate on your behalf to recover money for repairs to your motor vehicle.
  • ERS advises clients from their own extensive experience when to litigate, if necessary.
  • Substantial saving and advance notice of legal fees.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that specialists are handling important functions and actions.
  • Clients keep control of every process – but without being responsible for its execution.
  • Clients have 24/7 access to follow the progress on claims, through our state-of-threat feedback system. They can also generate reports via the internet – a FREE service
    offered by ERS.


Now we CAN Assist you with so much more than just revoveries

Commercial Protection Plan

This Plan is created for companies that don’t necessarily have a need for insurance cover on the vehicle fleet but require some of the services an insurer offers when one of their vehicles are involved in a accident or have mechanical failure.

Commercial Roadside Assist

This Can Infinity Roadside Assistance is designed to assist you in an emergency situation when your vehicle breakdown next to the road, may it be a Mechanical/Electrical failure or a Vehicle Accident.

Vehicle Incident Protection Plan

Vehicle Protection Plan is an affordable alternative to short term Insurance with all the services and assistance that an Insurance company offers and more.

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